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Welcome To Emad Zedan's Blog Which Is Called Gemini Tutorials, Here You Can Find Very Useful Articles And Videos In The Tech Field.
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Emad Zedan

Web Designer And WordPress Developer

I Can Create Custom WordPress Themes Using PHP & MySQL. Also, I Can Build Websites Using Oxygen Page Builder & Bricks Theme Builder
You Can Contact Me Via Email at:
Skype ID: emad.zedan
WhatsApp & Telegram Number: 00962770502854


  • "I consider Emad a model member of the team who provided consistency & delivered all expectations. His unconventional way of thinking helped the company to solve practical issues in the most efficient ways."
    Noor Saud
    Program Manager at Obeikan Education
  • "Emad is a dependable, detail-oriented professional with a diverse background in design & engineering as well as project management. He's driven by the pursuit of excellence and can deliver results under varying circumstances. 

    Emad is a quick learner and adapts well to changes in his work environment. He is continually looking for ways to improve processes, procedures, and performance.

    Ultimately, he is a proficient leader with a drive to meet deadlines; and given his work ethic, feedback-seeking personality, and strong discipline skills make him a great addition to any team."
    Myles Osborn
    Director of Client Experience at Tokyo Academics
  • "I got the chance to work with Emad directly, Emad cares a lot about self-development & mastering his work, I recommend him for any position that requires creativity, as he would exceed the expectations."
    Khader Abu Al-Edam
    Project Manager at Minhaj for Educational Technologies
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