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Typography for Beginners

Typography for Beginners

They say 1 image is equal to 1000 words, but in real life, without written words, a lot of things have no meaning at all whether it was a book, website, or an advertisement…etc., here the need for typography is created to maintain a good content look with other design elements. How Old the Term […]

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Why Content is Part of the Web Design Process

Content is Part of Web Design

Most web designers think that their role is creating the design without creating the content of the pages of the website, where it is not limited to navigation, menus, contact information, mission, and vision, but sometimes is also blog posts, images, videos, and audio, most web designers use Lorem Ipsum, but when it comes to […]

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Why Pen and Paper are Still Useful in UX/UI

Pen and Paper

While there are plenty of apps for sketching on mobiles, tablets, and PCs, and the different digital pens and sketching devices we have nowadays, this article will show you why still a pen and paper are useful and sometimes has no alternatives for you, like there is no charging power for pen and paper and […]

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Difference Between a Web Designer and Web Developer

Web Designer and Web Developer

These 2 roles are sometimes difficult to differentiate between each other from most non-technical people, HR, or managers, in this article I will explain the difference between a web designer and a web developer, including front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers. How to Describe a Web Designer? A web designer is a graphic designer by nature […]

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Show and Hide Password Using jQuery & Font Awesome

Show and Hide Password Using jQuery and Font Awesome

In this article, I will explain and provide the code for how to create a show and hide password input field, as you can see in the next figure there are three cases for our password input field. And clicking back the icon again will return to case 2. The mechanism of this functionality is […]

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How to Become a Web Designer

How to Become a Web Designer

If you are looking for a web designer role for your next job and you are wondering what is a web designer job looks like, what is his/her skills, and what is his/her experience? In this article, I will explain all aspects of becoming a web designer! What Does a Web Designer Do? Web designers […]

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Top 6 UX Research Methods And Tools

UX Research Methods & Tools

My recommended way of doing UX Research with UX Design, is to use the free Microsoft Whiteboard tool on windows, and I think there should be an equivalent for MAC users with the free cloud Google Forms tool, and your favorite UX Design Tool, and mine is ADOBE XD. The Top 6 Best UX Research […]

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What is Lean Thinking and Lean Management?

What Is Lean Thinking and Management

Lean thinking is a project management mindset that focuses on reducing waste, created originally in Toyota Production System (TPS) to create customer value and seek continuous process improvement. This is achieved by applying lean project management principles, techniques and tools. And Agile and Scrum management are a subset of lean thinking. It is also called […]

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines: In Simple Words


We are waiting for the release of the new Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from W3C in September 2022. What a WCAG: this is a problem-solving technique that is written by (World Wide Web Consortium) to help people with different disabilities to use your web content. History of WCAG: – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version […]

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How To Create a Designed Newsletter Email Template

how to create a designed newsletter email template

To Create An Email Template We Should Use Tables And Inline CSS Email templates are created using HTML tables, that are styled using inline CSS properties, First, we’ll add an overall structure for our email, we will create a basic HTML document with a basic HTML tag and a language attribute, then meta tags, an […]

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