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How To Learn Coding with Chat GPT?

How To Learn Coding with Chat GPT

Ready to dive into the exciting world of coding and create your own programs or scripts? Look no further! Here at ChatGPT, we’ve got your back. Our language model has been trained on a vast array of internet text, including nifty code snippets in various programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, C#, Ruby, Swift, […]

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How to Find Font Pairings: A Comprehensive Guide

Fonts Pairing

Fonts play a crucial role in graphic design, impacting the visual appeal and effectiveness of any design project. The task of choosing the right font pairings can be daunting, especially for novice designers. This comprehensive guide will explore best practices for finding font pairings that work harmoniously together. Understanding Font Families To effectively pair fonts, […]

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Summary of 20 UX Laws for Every UX/UI Designer

20 UX Laws

This is a list of the basic 20 UX laws that every designer should know and apply when creating user interfaces: – Aesthetic-Usability Effect: Users perceive aesthetic design as a design that’s more usable because. aesthetics apps and sites lead to more time using and exploring them. – Doherty Threshold: Productivity increases when a site […]

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Introduction to UX Design Systems

Introduction To UX Design Systems

What Is A UX Design System? A standard that is created to manage design using reusable components and patterns. It is a way of creating apps and websites that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users by considering the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, and other features. It […]

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Typography for Beginners

Typography for Beginners

They say 1 image is equal to 1000 words, but in real life, without written words, a lot of things have no meaning at all whether it was a book, website, or an advertisement…etc., here the need for typography is created to maintain a good content look with other design elements. How Old the Term […]

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Why Content is Part of the Web Design Process

Content is Part of Web Design

Most web designers think that their role is creating the design without creating the content of the pages of the website, where it is not limited to navigation, menus, contact information, mission, and vision, but sometimes is also blog posts, images, videos, and audio, most web designers use Lorem Ipsum, but when it comes to […]

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